Sunday, December 7, 2008

Help us be eco-friendly! And read about charming popup books!

First things first. By our reader Harry I have been notified of this amazing online exhibit on the history of popup books (click here). By visiting that site, you can learn all about the long history of popup books (dating back to the 1200s!), and look at wonderful pictures of these charming works, which can be amazing feats of papery engineering when they try!

Also, gentle readers: do you shop at local grocery store Treasure Island? If so, you may have noticed that they use very good-quality plastic bags. Here at O'Gara and Wilson, we must buy quite thick plastic bags, because books are heavy and require good bagging. But because Treasure Island uses such sturdy bags, we are initiating a new program: We will re-use your Treasure Island bags if you donate them to us!

So, please help us help the environment by giving us your old Treasure Island bags!

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Anonymous said...

As a paper engineer and pop-up designer, I agree this exhibit of the historic pop-ups is wonderful! For anyone who's inspired by the early examples and wants to make their own pop-ups, my "Pocket Paper Engineer" workbooks give step-by-step directions for each pop-up structure. I learned how to make pop-ups from studying the historic books, mostly in the libraries in Washington, D.C.! Carol Barton